See Me

See me as I have seen you. See me and see my flaws and say they don’t matter. Look into my eyes and see the darkness that hides and don’t run from it. Tell me it’s beautiful and that you’ll help me see the light. See all that I have seen and then hold me until I can cry no more. I don’t ask or want much. I just wish to be seen. Seen in a way that no one has ever cared to see me before. I want you to see me for who I am not who you want. See me and see that I don’t need to be rescued; just given a helping hand. The only way you can see me is if you truly see yourself.

A Love Over Time

A story can be told when they look at our love.

The story is profound, but with a tragic ending.

We didn’t die.

We simply let too much time pass by.

This love begins on a stormy night when I was just trying to get home.

You came along and I never managed to get home that night.

It was only by chance that I met you when I did. But you were early.

From that first night we formed a bond that no man could break,

But we were too immature to handle the capacity of the love the universe wanted us to have.

So we left each other…

Years passed before we met again. This time our love started on a windy day.

We took a walk through the park and caught up about things that occurred in our lives.

You had gotten married… I brought a child into this world.

This time you came too late…

Our last love story begins on a sunny day.

We were older but young at heart.

Your marriage had ended… My daughter had moved out.

The timing now was perfect, yet bitter-sweet.

I was married now… but wanting to leave.

I would have left for you

But you didn’t want to wait… you said time wasn’t on our side

 Our love was lost again.

We don’t live forever and more time is promised…

but maybe we’ll meet again before our souls leave this place.



A mask is worn to hide your identity… 

But not in this case. 

The mask is worn to hide the fear and scars..

The mask keeps you from knowing who I am..

It makes me safe… or so we thought..

You saw through the mask.. You took off my disguise.

I was open and vulnerable… you seen me

But then when you opened your eyes to who I am. You didn’t like it

So you left.. but you didn’t realize that in leaving you took all that I was..

With nothing left I put back on the one thing that kept anyone else from seeing who I truly was.

I’m back in my Disguise 

These Old Boots 

These old boots have seen many days both good and bad. 

Those boots have walked miles. Their soles have stories that no man can tell in one lifetime. 

These old boots have been through the rain storm and still lived to see sunny days.

The wear on these boots paints a story of love, loss, happiness, and carrying on. 

My story is shown on every mark and scuff these boots show in pride.

For these old boots know more of my life than anyone around. 

These old boots and I are the same. We’ve traveled and seen so much. We have scars that can be seen and scars that have craft-fully been hidden..

These old boots are more than boots. These old boots are me. 

It’s Been Dark 

​Since you left the darkness has consumed me. It lurks in everything I do.

Every smile. 

Every Laugh. 

Every tear.  

Every frown. 
I tried to escape it.

 I ran fast. 

Yet it moved faster. 

I tried to embrace it.  

But then it smothered me in repressed emotions 
The darkness has become my enemy and my greatest friend.

It came to take your place the minute you left. 

Even if you came back… 

The darkness wouldn’t leave

Your body 

Your body is where I pray.

It is a temple of magnificent design.Each feature is sculpted in a way that only a god or goddess can be made…Running my fingers down your body reminds me of all the flaws in mine.. I forget my religion when I’m wrapped in your body..

Your body is where I love..

Your body responds to me just as you do. The energy that is released shows me that you want me just as bad. The way you get goosebumps at my touch. The way you shiver as our bodies join.. I think it might be love…

Your body is where I dream…

When we can’t not be together. Your body is what I dream off. I dream of your scent and the way the swear just glides down your face and into your many regions. I can’t tell if it’s a dream or reality…

Your body is my addiction….. 

Your body is my heaven.