Back From a Hiatus

Hello Cyber World,

It has been a VERY long time since I have posted on this blog. I cannot say that something major or life-shattering happened to me that kept me from posting. Honestly, nothing really happened other than my schedule and trying to do fifty things at once finally caught up with me. But now that the storm has settled (not cleared), I feel as though I can return back to this blog and give it the attention that it so desperately deserves. So, let’s catch up with each other, what have I been up to… well, I moved and that’s about it. I’ve moved and become an “official adult” (to an extent).

Well, this was just a quick post to say I’m back and I cannot wait for you guys to be apart of the content that is to come.


Marley Fox


Our Love series 

So first I would love to thank anyone and everyone who read my last month long poem series called run away. 

So because that one went well I am doing another this one is called Our Love. This will be the journey of two people from their first meeting until their time on earth is over. I teally hope you guys like it…

A new poem will be posted on Sunday’s !!!!