Let me begin with just one statement “being an adult is hard”. I honestly believe that when you turn 18 and graduate high school, they should hand you your diploma and a manual to being a responsible adult. I am one of the many college students who was 100% unprepared for adulthood.


Now in high school I did take career dynamics class which was supposed to act as a way of preparing us for adulthood. But honestly I don’t think it did. It didn’t prepare you for how many nights you will eat noodles or how many cups of coffee you will need to drink in order to accomplish all that the day requires. They don’t tell you that everyone is going to need money from you (i.e BILLS) and that at the end of the day there never seems to be enough. But if you’re lucky, all of this month’s bills will get paid and you might (just might) have about five bucks left. Career dynamics did not prepare me for how many times I would need to overdraw my bank account just to survive.

I mean had that class told me all of this and ACTUALLY prepared us for these things maybe I would be a bit better off. Though, I would love to blame that class for my misadventures in adulthood but I can’t because the other half of my money wisdom should have come from home… and in my situation it didn’t. A single parent household living on welfare and just barely hanging on was not a home to learn to how to be money smart. Now I’m not saying that every child raised on welfare will have this same experience. My mother was not financially responsible, and hopefully other mothers were.

So my message here is this; being an adult for some reason is abnormally hard. I can’t say it gets better because I don’t know. But I’m hopeful.


With that in mind if you guys have any tips leave them below…

Until Next Time,


Be at Peace & Live in Love


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