A Love Over Time

A story can be told when they look at our love.

The story is profound, but with a tragic ending.

We didn’t die.

We simply let too much time pass by.

This love begins on a stormy night when I was just trying to get home.

You came along and I never managed to get home that night.

It was only by chance that I met you when I did. But you were early.

From that first night we formed a bond that no man could break,

But we were too immature to handle the capacity of the love the universe wanted us to have.

So we left each other…

Years passed before we met again. This time our love started on a windy day.

We took a walk through the park and caught up about things that occurred in our lives.

You had gotten married… I brought a child into this world.

This time you came too late…

Our last love story begins on a sunny day.

We were older but young at heart.

Your marriage had ended… My daughter had moved out.

The timing now was perfect, yet bitter-sweet.

I was married now… but wanting to leave.

I would have left for you

But you didn’t want to wait… you said time wasn’t on our side

 Our love was lost again.

We don’t live forever and more time is promised…

but maybe we’ll meet again before our souls leave this place.


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