Highly Sensitive Person

Over this weekend I finally stumbled upon this podcast called the Highly Sensitive Person. After listening to just one episode I felt a feeling this feeling of finally there is someone else who displays these same behaviors as I do. Throughout the episode she referred to her self as a highly sensitive person or an HSP. It immediately made me want to and find out what this was. As I sat on google looking at all of the characteristics something in my head clicked and my personality started to make a little more sense to me. 

It now made sense why I can’t watch horror or crime shows, why lights being turned on while I am sleeping immediately wake me up, and why criticism of even the smallest amount will make me cry. For once all of these things made sense. I am the way I am because I am a HSP. I can’t handle large gatherings of people it gives me anxiety. And this isn’t something new; even as a child after church my family would always go and visit with extended family, and every time I would find my way to an area where there weren’t a lot of people because too much was going on.  That was constantly my issue, everyone would cast me off as being shy and nervous but how can you always be nervous around people you’ve known your whole life. They were basically family. My issue wasn’t that I was nervous or shy it was simply that the environment was over stimulating so much was going on and people were always loud. It’s the same way with school, I never did well in classes that had too many people. My favorite classes were when the class sizes were small. 

Finding this out was like a breath of fresh air. It felt so good to know that there were others that have had experiences much like mine. It was like being a puzzle piece and never finding the puzzle that you connect too. Or something like that. This is one piece of my personal puzzle.  

So if there is any one else out there that is a HSP let me know your story and how you deal with being and HSP.



Be at peace & live in love 


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