Alternate Universes 

Lately I have had my nose in a book. This book has made me think about alternate universes. This book is called History is all you left me by Adam Silvera. It is an amazing book thus far. But anyway that isn’t what this post is about. This post is about alternate universes. Which is a subject the book touches on. 

First I must ask does anyone believe in the idea that there are many different alternate universes. I mean I do. I think that there are alternative universes and in each one I would like to think I am a better version of current self or I am the same as my current self. I think that just thinking about the possibility of them existing is fascinating. My other thoughts then go to who I would want to be in each of these universes. Like would I want the same family? Who I have the same friends? Would I be blogging? Would I still want to be a teacher?.

The best thing about thinking about alternate universes is that each one isn’t the same so it makes the possibilities of who you can be in each one countless. I would like to think that there is a universe filled with mystical creatures and I am a unicorn. Or there is a universe where everything goes right. Or my ideal one would be a universe where the good don’t die and bad doesn’t exist. I know that sounds lie one big contradiction but its what I would want. There would be no bad and hopefully there would be peace. But probably not because there could be a fight over who is nicer unless all instances of conflict are solved with cake. (I don’t know I’m just spit balling here). 

But honestly I think that believing that alternate universes is good. The way I see it imaging that the life that I have here in this reality maybe in some way better than a life that I’m living in another universe is somewhat soothing. I fully believe that I am better than no other human being. But being better than myself on any day is a win. 

All I know is that I think that alternate universes are amazing and I hope that the do exist and I hope that one version of me is living life to the fullest and rocking it until I can do so in this life.  And I mean she should still be doing great even when I am. 



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