Attached to my Problems

There are days when I wake up and my first thought is that I am so lucky. I have an okay life and I don’t have much to complain about. But the moment I step outside of my room (which is my area of peace) it feels like all of this crap just happens. Like at this one moment all of my demons feel the need to fuck with me.

*so then my complaining starts*

Why me? Why can’t I have a good day? What is going to go wrong next?

Those thoughts… GOSH!!! They are thoughts that consumed me and they kept me in a very pessimistic view of life. This Sunday I spent most of the day reading Adventures for your soul by Shannon Kaiser.  I am not done reading it…But GOSH it’s so good. In one of the chapters she talks about how your thoughts and what you speak influences the world around you. And at that moment something hit me. Like a bulb went off. And the angels spoke to me. (that’s what it felt like). The message I got was that I spend SO MUCH time complaining about every little thing that goes wrong. But I don’t spend anytime saying thank you for all that goes right.

I’m not saying that you can make changes to how you were conditioned overnight. What I am saying however is that once you see that what you put out into the universe is actually the reason why you are suffering. You begin to see a different way of looking at life. When Shannon Kaiser speaks about this topic, I reflected back on the Buddhist philosophy when it comes to suffering and attachment. Buddhist say that the root of suffering is attachment.

I am so attached to my problems that they then become the reason why I am suffering. But Shannon talks about detaching yourself from your problems. I learned that when I detach myself from my problems they no longer hold the power to cause my suffering.

My message to everyone is this: DO NOT LET YOUR PROBLEMS BE THE REASON WHY YOU ARE SUFFERING. Things will go right and things will go wrong. But as long as we are thankful for all that went right then what goes wrong doesn’t matter anymore.


“Be at peace and live in love”


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