Let Me Be Honest

Hello internet world the new year will be upon us soon. Isn’t that quite exciting.


When I started this blog, I said I didn’t want to use my real name because I was afraid and going by Marley Fox made this so much easier. But it didn’t, if anything it’s made it harder, because although all my posts are 100% me. It still doesn’t feel like me. So how do I change that. How do I make this 100% me?


Now the obvious answer to reveal my real name right?  Well that would be right, but I’m still afraid you see I’m going for a teaching degree and becoming a teacher means I will probably have parents googling me name to check me out.


But my blog isn’t this bad thing like porn. It’s just my thoughts and my poetry and anything else I want to share. So why am I afraid? That’s the question I have to sit and think on because it makes no sense. If you live your whole life in fear than your never really living. Yet being writing as Marley has been so fucking freeing because the me I am in person is a little dull compared to Marley. Yet Marley and me are one. So I won’t change what I write under. But making this post and going into 2017 feeling more 100% is so much better.

So Marley is who I am when I write, I mean common many people go by alias’ when the write I’m not the only one. But hey who knows what the future holds and maybe one day I’ll come out and give my real name…. MAYBE…




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