Controlling Destiny 

As I write this out on my phone it is raining and I am sitting on a bus listening to RENT the movie soundtrack. The song last played was Another day. The one line that stuck out to me was:  

It had me like damn…

You see I have control issues as a some what half ass young adult. I feel the need to control everything because as a kid I could controlled nothing and my life was shit. 

But what this song just reminded me was the fact that you can’t control your destiny. You control the choices and decisions you make, but your ultimate destiny you can’t control because you don’t know it. You don’t know what problems will occur. You don’t know anything all you know is the situations that happen as they come. 

That’s my 2nd issue: waiting for the unknown to happen. It’s a shitty thing to wait. I hate waiting. But some of the greatest blessing come from waiting. I guess… 
So if you can’t control destiny… What do you do in the mean time?

That’s the question that I’m left with. My current answer is to rediscover the things you love. rediscover the beautiful poser that lives inside of you and then when the situations happen either good or bad you’ll be prepared… 




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