Dreaming of You (Our Love Series 2)

I haven’t seen you in weeks… I’ve missed you. We didn’t exchange numbers. I don’t even know your name…But god, how I wish I would have asked…

As I lay awake tonight. I dream of you. I dream of your scent. So sweet yet so manly. I dream about the outline of your face as we danced under the red light. I dream of your eyes and how they stared so deeply into my soul that I felt naked. I dream about you wanting me with the same fire that I want you. I hope you want me…

I dream of how it would feel to have your warm hands caress my body as we dance again but this time the dance would never end. We would be locked in each other’s arms for all of eternity. It would be bliss for me but what if it isn’t bliss for you?

I dream that you lay awake thinking of me and all that we could be or should be. I hope that you remember the dress that I wore and how it curved to my body with such elegance. I hope that you remember how my body fit perfectly with yours…

I really just need to know that you dream of me; Just as I dream of you…



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