What Do I Stand For?

What do I stand for? A longing question that never seems to leave. With so many different issues that exist today what do I stand for. There is so much to go out and protest but which one is the one issue that will legit make me get off my ass and do something, there are so many issues I felt like I stood for, but that just merely meant me signing an outline petition. Which isn’t hard to do at all. And don’t get me wrong petition can do so much. But there is nothing like getting out there and actually doing the peace walks and protesting with those who believe the same as you do on this one issue where we will stand united.

Now for me I haven’t found that one hot ticket issue that I won’t stand for. I mean I one point, I did and it was for the senseless killing of Harambe. Yup that one got me on my feet signing petitions, tweeting, Instagramming, and do anything to have my voice heard on this issue. I was for everything Harambe because I understood how much of an impact this one killing had. And yes I know he was a gorilla but his species was going extinct and we had to lose another one at the hands of human error. I was angry at the response of others saying that would have shot him to protect their child. But WHY? I could rant on this topic forever but it wasn’t the true meaning of this post.

The meaning was this, since that incident I have not had any real issues that make me want to jump up and fight the good fight.Do not get me wrong I have been following the Black Lives Matter battle, and being a black young adult I do truly care. Believe me I do. However in the area I live in it is also not something I’m going to go shout from the top of a building and expect changes to happen. And being someone who actively signs petitions it makes me angry and sad that I am not doing more. Have any of you had that thought?

So my question to you is what do you stand for?




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