Dance ( Our Love Series: Part 1) 

The party is tonight. I don’t want to go.
My friends say I’ll have fun. They say go out you never do.
I guess I’ll go.
Just this once.

The music is loud and the air is sweaty.
My dress is too tight and my feet hurt
People are drinking and the lights are low.
I don’t want to be here.

But then I see eyes I’ve never seen before.
They say come talk to me.
But I’m too shy…

You come over...
You smell like a summer night under a full moon.
You whisper ever so softly and ask if I want to dance.
I can’t dance…
You say that’s fine you’ll lead.

One dance turns to three.
Three turns into seven.
I don’t want to leave anymore.
But the party is over and the dancing is done.

My friends come and drag me away.
I never got your name…
You never gave me yours
All we did was dance…

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