Why Keep Going?

Why Keep going? Why not just call it quits?

Why not just walk away? Why keep going on this path that never ends?…

These are the questions that have haunted me every night for months. I mean it has come to the point where I lay awake just contemplating my existences. Why keep going through this roller coaster of emotions and effort. If you have ever had these thoughts I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 reasons why.

Well here’s why wild ones:

  1. The journey is more beautiful than the actual end result.
  2. The life that you want is possible.
  3. You have to come first, so is walking away even what’s best for?
  4. You have support if you need it. Just reach out.
  5. You are a beautiful being and you can choose to not let fear stop you.
  6. Nothing bad last forever.
  7. Things could be worse.
  8. Things will always get better.
  9. Tomorrow is a new day… So if today was shitty tomorrow can be better.
  10. If it doesn’t work CHUCK IT IN THE FUCK BUCKET. And keep going

You always have a supporter in me wild ones.




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