So today I had the thought of validation. You know that feeling or confirmation that you matter or that everything is going good. I thought of it today because for most of my life I have been obsessed with everyone else’s approval of my choices. When I should have been thinking of my own approval. 

Like I would sign in to any social media site I was on just to see if someone liked my post. Why? Well the answer was that a longed for so long for anyone to say “hey! Omg she’s funny!” Or “omg! She’s so deep”. 

Upon watching and reading so many things you learn that needing validation from others is a psychological thing that was imbedded into your subconscious mind from a very young age. I had to sit and think on that🤔. 

What I came up with is yes a child I sought the validation from my mother but never got it so yes now as a young adult I feel the need to have validation in all that I do. But seriously it’s unhealthy. I mean not everything that you do will be the most amazing thing ever but it doesn’t mean that because no one liked it that you are somehow any less than the millions of other people who don’t get validation. 

I feel like it teaches you to be your own biggest cheerleader and fuck what anyone else has to say about what you do. At the end of the day you only get one life. So don’t live it off of another person telling you your doing good. 

That’s my daily thought. So be your own validator wild ones!!


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