FAMILY.  That is the one word that came to me as I lay in the bed trying to go to sleep. But instead I am lying awake thinking about my family. Questions arose like

Why can’t my family be like the more normal families?

But in all reality was is normal anymore. If anything I would describe my family as a bunch of leaches that stick on to you an suck you out of everything that you have and that you are. Now I could be a little dramatic right now but honestly I’m not.

You see I am a naturally happy person, I don’t expect anything, or ask for much. At least I don’t feel like I do. But I care a lot and that is my flaw. I care way TOO much and this is where people typically use me. It’s like i have this sign on my head that says USE ME AND LEAVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS!.

That’s how I would describe my roll in my family. I am like the drop off location for problems and the place to come to take when I barely had anything to begin with. I don’t want this to be a bash the family post. But hey that’s my shitty story. I don’t know why I wanted to rant about this because I typically just decide to ignore it. But today was different it just kept weighing on me.

I mean how much can people take from someone that already doesn’t have much. I try so hard to be happy but how can you be happy when your family is the root of your issues?

I don’t know if this post makes any sense but I needed to get it out.

Until next time,



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