Soulmate Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of being around this being that you can’t necessarily but you feel their essences? I know it sounds very weird like “how can you dream of someone you’ve never even met?” You see that’s my point exactly. But let me tell you guys how I came to this topic to begin with.

So since about the end of August or early September I have been having these dreams about this essences of a person. I say dreams as if it’s a lot but it’s been about maybe 2 or 3. Each time me and this essence are doing something different so it’s not the same dream on repeat. The first dream we were driving down a highway. I don’t know where we were going or even where we were. Now normally I am a person with a lot of anxiety and so not knowing where I am triggers my anxiety (yes I know it’s a dream) but even in dreams when I am lost or can’t identify where I am I have anxiety. However, for some reason in this dream I didn’t feel that, I was just at peace and I felt safe and at home. The weirdest part is that when I woke up I still felt that warmth and it made me happy all day.


The most recent dream I had of this essence was 2 night ago. This dream consisted of me and the essence laying on the bed and we were talking. Now we weren’t speaking with our voices (yes I know how do you talk without speaking.) But it was like we were communicating on a mental level like reading thoughts. I felt the same safety and peace as I had in the first dream. And I don’t know how but this essence just felt familiar. Now I don’t remember what we were taking about but again when I woke up I felt this warmth as if I had actually laid with someone all night. It was such a calming feeling.

So like any person who has questions I took to google.


Upon searching I came upon this site that gave a very detailed description about what a soulmate dream is. And my experience and how they were describing it sounded very similar I mean I didn’t dream their dream but the feeling and not being able to see the person was the same. And I learned that soulmate dreams can occur before you meet your soulmate because your souls have found each other again on an astral level. (honestly mind blown).


I honestly believe in soulmates and twin flames. I believe fully that everyone has someone. (I am a hopeless romantic). And I do think that when we sleep our souls do search on the astral plane for the soul they are attached to and want to be with. I also think that it is pretty amazing that people can experience this dream that allows them to know that the person they belong with is out there and even though they haven’t found this person yet their soul has found the others soul. I mean how amazingly cool does that sound.

Well that’s what was on my mind today,

Stay cool Wild Ones, your soulmates are out there if you haven’t met them yet!




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