Fly Away 

Fly away little bird, you can’t stay.Go free, live your life and never look back.

Don’t ponder on the choices you have made; they can’t be changed.

Set forth and spread your wings.
Soar through the sky.

Feel the wind beneath your wings.

Look down at the little birds that are still perched; don’t forget them.

Help them when you can. 

Show them how to fly; like someone showed you. 
Never stop flying; but also never stop helping.

When you stop flying; that is when the vultures come in.

Don’t let them take from you; don’t let them change you. 

Help them see what is right; then let them go.
Be brave little bird, face everyday with confidence.

Expect nothing, and give what you can.

You will have a great life little bird.

Now that you can fly, so fly away. 


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