This Little Girl

Hey wild ones, 

Today while out and about I seen the saddest thing ever (well to me at least). I saw this little girl have a complete meltdown over her hair not being an extensions or weave like her friends was. No to me this girl looked to be about 6 or 7. For me personally I think that is too young to put extensions or weave in. But it’s her mothers choice. Any way this little girl was in tears. It made me think about the many times I myself had had a meltdown over now having or looking like another girl well now women I had seen. I wanted so bad to go and hug this little girl and tell her it was okay. But I didn’t because that would have made me look creepy and I’m not a creepier. 

So although I couldn’t go and give that little girl a massive hug what I did decide to do was to write an open letter to all of the little girls who ever feel like they need to be or act like the other girls. I just wanted them to know that yes we’re all different and yes sometimes you want what someone else has but be true to who you are because you are unique and you are special and that’s all that really matters. 

Well that’s my little main though of the day please go check out and share my open letter to girls everywhere. 

*Be you wild one*


Marley Fox


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