Unexpected Texts 

Hey wild ones! 

So last night I got this mystery text from an unknown number. And I really had to question who in the hell had my number and how the hell did they get it. 

Soon enough the owner of the number said who they were and I was appalled 😳 to find out that it was some guy who I hadn’t heard from in months. And when I say months it is not an exaggeration. It had been forever. 

I even told my bestfriend about and she had to think about who the hell this dude was. Now this TRUE story only gets better. Here is where we discover why he texted. 

Was it sexual? Was it boredom? What was it? 

Well the answer to that question is (drum roll please) 

Because he ran into my sister and she questioned him about if we still talked. Were you surprised because I was.

Not only did I not care for the text, but I got pissed. The one thing I hate more than anything is when people try to pity me. I didn’t ask for your pity so don’t give it to me. And that’s exactly what that message was. Like don’t make me waste my energy looking at my phone if it’s an unwanted to texts. You see before this text I was happily sitting on the couch playing the sims 4. (My fave game!!!). So to mess that up with some stupid fucking text really worked my last nerve. Now add finding out that my sister was behind this unwanted communication made me doubly irratated. Yes I know sister mean well but the only thing I ask is for her to stay out of my relationship life and that seems to be the one thing she can’t do.

So that’s my little rant of the day. Feel free to tell me if you’ve ever gotten an unwanted text message!!

Stay true to you wild ones 


Marley ✌️️💖😐


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