Happy Birthday to a Forgetton Friend 

I woke up this morning and checked the date

It’s your birthday

Happy Birthday 

I guess
We haven’t talked in months

It feels like years

We used to be close

I used to call you everyday 

We used to text every hour

It stopped

We don’t speak
I think about you from time to time

I don’t think you think about me..
You met him

It changed you

You no longer needed me 

You had him

He became your best friend

He replaced me
I want to say I’m sad

I’m not

I found a new friend

She really is my best friend

She replaced you
You found love 

I found a real friendship

So neither of us seen this slipping away..
You had a kid

I wasn’t excited

We had nothing in common

You wanted to be a mom

I wanted to be 20

We grew distant

I didn’t make an effort

Neither did you
Today’s your birthday 

I won’t call

I won’t text

You won’t even get a Facebook post
I’ve done it before

It’s for nothing

We’re not friends

At least not anymore
This friendship has become forgotten

We’ve both moved on

Let’s not pretend to have what was lost

But at the bare minimum 

I said Happy Birthday in a Poem. 
Happy Birthday 


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