Did You Ever Want to be a Princess or Prince?

Hey Wild Ones!!

So the topic that came to my mind last night was wanting to be a princess when I was younger. I don’t know why this came to me.But it allowed me to ponder on why it came to me?

Image result for thinking gif

When I was younger I dreamed of growing up and becoming Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I mean I literally wanted to marry a beast and then he would turn into my own prince charming. I also wanted to embody all that Belle was a book loving person who turned down the HOT guy Gaston. I wanted that lifestyle. But I didn’t get it. Now the younger me is probably angry as hell about it. But for the 21 year old me I’m over it. (at least as much as I can be).

I still want my prince charming (don’t we all). But beyond that I want someone who see me. As a Queen and not just a Princess. When we think about as little kids isn’t that what we all really wanted. At least I did.

And hey just because you can’t live like a fictional princess or prince doesn’t mean you can’t have the standards of one. Honestly deep deep down inside I still want to be Belle and marry my Beast. I mean we all need something that keeps you going and believing in love and having a happily ever after.

Feel free to share you prince or princess stories.

Stay True to You Wild One,




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