Together we lay here

Neither of us wanting to move

But both of us need to move

We need to leave

You need to go back to her

I need to go back to him

Yet we stay
We were never meant to be together

We both have someone

You have her

I have him

But neither of us thought of them
Our bodies are intertwined 

We became one

You held me better than he ever has

I touched you gentler than she ever will

We allow our bliss to become our heaven 

And their worst fear
You touched the scars he made

You healed them

I wipe away the pain she causes you 

I heal you

Together we are healed 

Together we are at peace
They are calling

She wants you home

He wants me home

I look to you 

Are you leaving?

Am I leaving? 

Is this ending?
Together we get dressed

Remorse and sadness in our eyes

This was a beautiful mistake

We can never make it again

Or can we?

They don’t deserve this

We don’t deserve them
Together but separately we must face our actions

She is mad 

She cries

She can’t understand

He is full of rage

He hates you 

He wants to leave me

But they stay
He wants to make it work

She knows that you’ll never do this again

They know nothing…
It happens again

4 more times

We can’t stop

I love you

This is just sex for you 

But we are together

Together for these nights

Separate through each day

You have her

I have him

We have each other


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