The Struggles of a College Student 

When I enrolled in college I didn’t foresee all of the crap that comes along with it. Now I’m not down playing college and telling people not to go. I mean the choice is yours. What I am saying is that in every college tour I took they never talked about the struggle of being a college student.
Struggle 1: Money or lack there of 

Money is EVERYTHING. Especially for a student who doesn’t work. I currently don’t work due to various reasons. For me getting my school refund check is like gold because for one day I’m not broke and scrapping pennies. 

But as soon as it comes it goes and never lasts more than a week. Let me break it down. My school check will come and it’s like people and sniff money being deposited because now everyone’s got their hands out asking for money.

It’s always remember the time I lent you money, Or I payed for your meal. Yup so once that happens money just seems to slip away and it makes me question where it went. So after the vultures get their money. 

Now it’s time for the bills. Yup the bills you haven’t helped pay in 6 months all of sudden you’ve got money and you need to chip in. There’s cable, lights, gas, and water. And guess what there all on you this month. So forget what you thought you were going to spend because that shit is done. 

Now once you’ve contributed to the bills, it’s time to get the essential things that will last you another 6 months until you get another check. This means, all sanitary products, clothes, shoes (maybe), hair products, and anything else that you NEED to survive. Once you’ve gotten all of that you will probably have barely any money left for you to buy the things you like or to go out with friends. I mean if you have anything left no worries someone or a bill collector will call to take the last of that.

Struggle 2: Time

Once I started college I learned the hard way that there is never enough Time. Time is the one thing you need so badly but don’t quite have enough of. Between papers, lectures, and all that comes in between. There isn’t much time left in your day to breathe. Well if your anything like me you are an avid procrastinator who save everything for the last minute. In that case you are doubly screwed. 

Time management is that one tool that everyone encourages you tot grasp but yet people tend to overlook that fact that no two people can manage time exactly the same. So figuring out how you can manage time is useful but it’s also a drag that I personally did not care to do. 
Struggle 3: Assignments

When I went on my college tours the students didn’t too into too much detail about assignments. You see for me they portrayed college as this magical place where I would party and not have any real responsibility. Boy that was a LIE. What they didn’t tell you was the amount of work that had to be put in. Especially on assignments. Every time I finish one assignment and I think I can take a break like a fast moving train here comes more work. And each assignment just gets bigger and bigger. So I go from spending a day on one assignment to needing 2 weeks just to even make an outline. I mean yes I knew college would have homework. While your in high school that’s what your teachers love to remind you about. But what they don’t remind you about is how shitty you feel when you et back a paper that you spent 3 days working on and the grade is pitiful. ( and yes you really tried on that paper). They also don’t tell you that some professor give zero crap about the events that happen in your life that might keep you from finishing your assignment. Like I’m sorry I didn’t know that a truck was going to hit the cable pole and know out the Internet for 4 days. If I had seen into the future I would have prepared..

But I didn’t. 
Struggle 3: when life hits you 

So the final struggle I wanted to point out is that no one ever tells you about what to do when life finally hits you. Life finally hitting you is that moment when everything that could go wrong has and you feel like giving up and then all of a sudden it’s like time has stopped and a light bulb goes off and your ah ha moment is that you just realized that life isn’t always cupcakes and roses. 

That moment my friends is a powerful moment because that’s when things start to change. Your no longer the same person you were when you started college. Now your learning why you should have saved money and why you shouldn’t keep over drafting your back account. It’s all in that one single moment when you learn the real reason most adults don’t even what to be adults. You learn that life at times SUCKS. Yet if your like me you’ll still try and find the good.

Feel free to share your own struggles or experiences,

 Be Brave Wild One,

Marley… 😳


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