Make It 

Make It
Please keep going

Please don’t give up

Please continue to make it
I know you don’t have much 

I know that you work too hard

I know you cry so often

But please don’t give up

Keep going
I see that you are broken

You are lost

You don’t want to be brave

You don’t want to be strong

But please be brave and be strong.
You will make it

This won’t break you

You will see your name in lights

You will be remembered for all that you did

You just have to make it 
Make it through the rain

Make it through the hurt

Make it through the pain

Please just make it
On the other side of all that is broken 

Is beauty

Is all that you want

Is all that you need
Make it for yourself

Make it for the lover you haven’t met

Make it for the kids you don’t have yet

Make it for the ones who can’t 
But please make it 

Never give up 

Never look back

You will make it. 


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