A Letter to Those Who Feel They are Alone 

Dear wild one,
 I am just like you. I have days when I am happy and I feel like nothing can stop me. But then the very next day I am sad and want to curl up in a ball. I battle the feelings of loneliness. I am no different. We are human and these are the struggles that we face. They are not easy but they don’t always need to be hard. 

 I know right now it may seem as though the universe is handing you mountains of shit on top of the shit you already have. But please know that everything is a lesson and the pain and despair you feel inside will not and cannot last. It will subside. I cannot tell you when or how it will leave you. But I at least what you to know that it will. 

 I don’t have all the answers because I am just as lost in this game of life as you are. I cry myself to sleep at night thinking of all my failure and how every night I am alone and no one seems to care. I want you to know that I CARE. I hear your cries and I see your tears. I am not there with you now but I know that it hurts and sometimes you want it to end. 

 But PLEASE remember that you are loved and you are wanted and needed. Even though it may not feel like that at times PLEASE trust me when I say YOU MATTER. You were created for a purpose so please don’t slip into the pain and let it numb you from the amazing life you were meant to live. Know that when you cry your tears are like tiny raindrops that are allowing you to release the pain that you keep in side. 

 I am here with you at this moment whether in physical form or just in spirit. I want you to know that even if we never meet that you have a friend. And I will never leave.
Be BRAVE wild one,



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