The Ride 

We started our relationship just like a roller coaster
Slow at first and then slowly gaining speed.                                       

I didn’t expect us to be perfect.  

But I also didn’t expect us to crash and burn.
When this ride first started we were in love

We did what new couples did

Phone calls everyday

Texting all the time

Surprise dates 

And all nighters
Then something changed, 

We fought more

Called less

Texting barely twice a day

Surprise dates became surprise fights

The love was gone. 

This was a roller coaster ride 

I wanted to get off
We broke up

You moved on

You loved her now.

So I moved on

I found him

He wasn’t you 

But he would do.
We bummed into each other 1 year later

You were alone

There was no more you and her

There was no more him and me

We talked again

We laughed

We decided to try 
I got back on the roller coaster 

I expected things had changed

I’ve grown more

But you were the same

So the ride remained the same
We were in love

And then we weren’t

We were happy 

And then all I did was cry
But this time I wasn’t the one to say goodbye

You left 

You wanted freedom

I agreed that it was time

The ride ended again
We didn’t talk for 3 years 

Then we see each other 

And the pattern begins
But this time I don’t want to take the ride. 

  ~Marley Fox 


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