Kefi: Find you kefi 

Kefi do you know what it means. This word was introduced to me by a documentary about Jonathan Larson that comes with the movie RENT two-disk special. If you don’t know what RENT is I’ll have to upload a separate post because I could spend forever explaining it and then somehow in doing that the reason for this post would get lost. But anyway during johns college years; he was told about Kefi from one of his professors at college (don’t quote me on this because I would have to rematch the documentary to be 100% sure).  
 Now once I heard about Kefi I was immediately drawn into wanting to know more about what this one simple word meant. 

So like most people in the 21st century I went on Google, because for some reason Google just seems like it has all the answers to life. Even though deep down we all know that Google is merely just a search engine.

But any way back to the point in my search for what Kefi is. From that search I learned a lot.
 To begin Kefi is a Greek word and traditionally it’s mostly known by Greeks and friends of Greeks. Upon searching for what this word means I got dozens of different meanings and interpretations of what it does or even could mean. But the gist of it is that Kefi is a word but at the same time it is also a feeling. What I found out it refers to is joy, passion, loving life, enthusiasm, and high spirits. To me it is the spirit of what life is supposed to be. It’s that drive that keeps you going and once you have it you never want to lose it. 

 Once I found out what Kefi is, I had to ask myself do I have it? And even have I ever had it? Do I have a passion for life or love my life? On a good day I might say yeah of course I love my life. But the true truth of it is that at 21 I don’t think I have felt Kefi. I primarily feel this way because I am at a point where. I am where I’m supposed to be but not quite where I want to be. Where you are and where you want to be for me is what keeps me from actually having and feeling Kefi or my love of life. 

 Now this isn’t supposed to be some poor pity me post about my life because that not where this was going. So don’t give me pity I don’t need it or want it. So keep it!

Rather I want this post to be that light bulb that goes off in your head and reminds you to live and never settle for anything. I wish that everyone has the opportunity to have Kefi and truly be embraced in the feeling of passion for their life and to be in a place where the little mundane things that used to make you angry no longer do that because you have found your joy and peace. 

 I’m not an expert on life; personally I’m far from it, but I would like to think that sometimes we all have a message to share at random moments of our lives. And today happened to be the day that I though about Kefi and wanted to share it with you guys. 
May everyone find and experience there Kefi


If you want to read up a little more on Kefi, I will share the links that I looked at:
Feel free to share what you know about Kefi and even your take on it..


Marley Fox ✌️💖😀


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