The Gift of Hello 

      Hello is such a powerful word. No one can ever fully understand the power behind this word. A hello to the right person can save them with out you even knowing. It creates smiles and allows you to feel like you are not as alone as you thought you were. 

     I am a rather quiet person and it’s not because I don’t like talking to people ( because believe me I do). But it’s primarily because I often don’t know how to start conversations. This is why I love when people talk to me first because it makes the conversation easier for me. I am the type of person who is neither fully introvert or fully extrovert I comfortably lay in the middle. For this reason I am considered an Ambivert. For me socially what this means is that I typically am not the conversation starter but once you start it have no worries I’ll keep it going.

     Now for me hello is what I live for because I’m no good at introductions. In my head I’m going to say hello to you and then your going to blow dragons fire at me. (Literally that is what I see in my head). 


    The worst part is that sometimes I will rehearse saying hello to someone and then by the time I work up the courage to do it there either already gone or have stricken up conversation with someone else. 

       Now on a bad day when I feel like the world is falling apart. A simple hello can really be that it factors that keeps me from assuming that today is the end of humanity as we know it. ( and yes on my sad days I can be rather dramatic). But these are the private thoughts that I have. 

      I personally wish often that I was good at saying hello to people especially the sad people that I meet. Primarily because I don’t know if that hello is the pick me up they needed or even if they just needed someone to talk to. Now I’m not trying to be superman or well super women. But hey if you can help one person than why not do it. I want the courage to say hello to at least five new people every day whether sad or happy. I mean if you really think about how many people do you wish you could have talked too. Through out my entire life there were so many people I wish I had at least said hello to. But I don’t spend to much time focused on the past because it is gone and it can now only serve as a lesson. 

      I’m not saying I’m getting ready to go out and walk down the street and talk to everyone who comes into contact with me, but I do want to begin to at least try and say hello to the faces I see everyday. And maybe in my own small way I am helping to make my community a better place even if the change I want is only happening in my mind. 

Feel free to comment on what you think about the gift of the word Hello.


Marley Fox ✌️💖😀


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