Life is a journey they say,

But I never thought my journey would lead to you.

Maybe it was your deep dark eyes or your mysterious smile that lured me in.

I don’t remember how I came to know you, but at most times I’m happy I did.

When it started you were everything I needed, you became my superman.

You saved me from me

From them

But you couldn’t save me from you

You had flaws I overlooked, you had secrets I didn’t want to explore.

You were a mystery, and I wanted to keep it that way.


Then you left

Without a word

No letter to say goodbye

I cried

I was lost


Who would save me now that you are gone?

Why did you leave?

Was it me?


Years have passed….

And now I understand

You were a mystery, you didn’t belong to ne

You came when I needed you most

But when you left I didn’t need you any more

You taught me how to save myself

I just didn’t want to

You loved me and showed me how to love myself



Every now and again I’ll think of you

And the time we spent

And I’ll smile

And I’ll wish you were here

And even though you’re not

I want you to know I’m doing fine

But I miss you every now and then

I miss my superman

-Marley fox


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