You Could Have Saved Her!

From the outside the pain cannot be seen.

But when you look on the inside, you can see that she is broken.

She is hurting;She needs help.

But you walk away and pretend you didn’t see her tears.

She’s reaching out for your  love, or even just a shoulder to cry on.

It doesn’t matter to you that you are slowly letting her die.

She tries to get you to see that only you can save her, but you won’t.

So she cries more tears and decides it’s time to let the pain go.

She lays in bed with the pill bottle by her bed.

She writes you a letter to say her good bye.

One by one she pops a pill until she begins to slip away.

One empty pill bottle later she is gone.

You finally decide to grace her with you presence, but when you arrive you are shocked.

She doesn’t answer the door, so you use the spare key.

There on the bed you find her, lifeless and alone, she is gone

you could have saved her, but you chose to ignore her pain.



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