Death at the hands of Others 

September 11th, 2001 was a tragic day. So many people died at the hands of terrorist who felt like they were sending a message to the U.S. When the twin towers were hit I was only 6 and at that age you do not necessarily understand the complexity of what is going on but you do understand the looks on people’s faces. On that day my teacher knew first and her face changed almost instantly she was no longer happy and bubbly but sad and close to tears

Not soon after my teacher was notified about the events the principle came over the intercom and said “attention all students and faculty, there has been a terrible attack in New York City. A plane was flown into one of the towers. At this time the school we’ll be put on lock down and no one can leave unless a parent or guardian comes to pick them up”. 

Now I was only in the first grade and I didn’t really know what to think of what he just said. Within that hour my mother came to pick me and my sister up and rushed us home. At home the news was on and at first I wasn’t really paying attention but when the towers began to fall is when I started watching.

Now that I am older and can question the events that happened I can’t come to terms with the why factor. Why on this day? Why so many innocent people? Why be selfish? And lastly where is God?.. Those were the tough questions I asked but no one had the answers. So I had to figure them out myself. Here’s what I concluded.

Why on this day? Is a question that can only be answered by the heartless individuals that committed the act. 

Why so many innocent people? These individuals lost their lives for no reason and at the hands of terrorist. They were mothers, fathers, daughters, sons and so on. They had people who cared about them and they loved so many. They were taken from us but that doesn’t mean they are gone. I believe that they sat above and watched and helped to heal the damage that was left over. I like to believe that they are still watching and helping their families heal the wounds that go so deep. They are giving us the strength to continue to go on. 

Where was god? Now the last question is one that I pondered on a lot before I left Christianity. I wanted to know how someone who loves the beings he created could watch them me killed. But what I concluded is that life is a balance with death their must come life. Those individuals deaths were not In vain. What they taught us on that day was to stand in unison and rebuild. Show these terrorist that yes you hit us and it hurt but we will get back up and we will rebuild. They taught us not to take life for granted. They taught me to tell them people that matter most that I love them more often. 
On this day we remember the tragedy and lives lost. However for me that’s not what I choose to remember. I choose to remember how the United States came together. How people leaned on their neighbor to help them process the events that occurred and how we came out of the dust and rubble and began to rebuild. I choose to remember that the people who died are looking down upon us and I want to make sure that they are seeing progress so that they know that their death wasn’t for nothing. 
I choose to see and remember the beauty of a nation that for a short time had fallen but rose back up strong..

Please feel free to share any comments 

~Marley Fox ✌️💖😊


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