What I See

6357467997462910321224050930_girl-looking-at-mirror1-imgopt1000x70Starring in the mirror at all of my imperfections scares me. Sometimes I hate what I see; but the minute someone says that they love it my stomach crunches. I feel the need to stop and withdraw because I don’t see what they see. I don’t see whats cute or sexy.

I see ugly with flaws. I see someone I need to change. I don’t like her. I might even hate her. I want to change her but she gives up and stops trying. I scream for her to change but she doesn’t. She looks for the love shes never felt in ever compliment. So she doesn’t see the need for the change. I see her craving that love but she’ll never go for it because she’s to insecure. She wants to find the beauty she dreams of. But the pull of the little attention she gets her stuck.

I am her as she is me and we are one. The pain that is caused by looking in the mirror and facing what  I see is often unbearable. But the need for love and petty compliments keep me from changing one thing.



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