Humans and Dead Possums

Why do people go out of their way not to drive over the dead possum? Maybe it’s just me and I don’t understand the complexity of the human mind and behaviors; but why try so hard not to drive over an animal that’s already dead? The hardest thing for me to grasp is that the idea of driving over an already dead animal is considered such a horrible thing yet the way humans treat each other is okay. There is so much hate and much of it is deliberate.

We deliberately try to tear each other down; no one ever thinking about the consequences of doing this. No one steers clear of it; they do the act and keep going and never turn back much like the person who actually killed this possum. Instead of trying to steer away from the narcissistic behaviors we were taught; we go right for them. No one ever steers away or swerves. And those who do steer away or swerve are considered hippies and weirdos. But in all honestly are we truly naturally evil and mean. Or is that a learned behavior much like not driving over an already dead animal.

Why aren’t all of our children taught that hate and evil are wrong. Some are taught that they are wrong. While others are taught to embrace it because they are better than somebody else and it’s not just a racial thing. It’s within races, within different cities, within states, within the world. We can never all just be equal… No we have this notion that there is always someone better than us and we are then better than somebody. We are equal and we all deserve thee chance to be loved. ✌️💖😀


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