Fly Away 

Fly away little bird, you can’t stay.Go free, live your life and never look back.

Don’t ponder on the choices you have made; they can’t be changed.

Set forth and spread your wings.
Soar through the sky.

Feel the wind beneath your wings.

Look down at the little birds that are still perched; don’t forget them.

Help them when you can. 

Show them how to fly; like someone showed you. 
Never stop flying; but also never stop helping.

When you stop flying; that is when the vultures come in.

Don’t let them take from you; don’t let them change you. 

Help them see what is right; then let them go.
Be brave little bird, face everyday with confidence.

Expect nothing, and give what you can.

You will have a great life little bird.

Now that you can fly, so fly away. 


Dear Little Girls

Dear little Girls, 

  I see you starring at her wanting to be all that she pretends to be. You don’t really want to be her. She is just as damaged as you. She just hides it well. You see sweetheart we are all damaged in some way. Just because you cannot see her pain doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Yes she may have nice clothes and “good hair”. But I love your clothes and I love your good hair. 

      I see you gazing at the girls who get attention from boys. You want to be noticed. You want them to notice you. The saddest truth you must face is that they don’t want you and you don’t need them. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe she doesn’t want that attention either. You must understand that just because she gets boys attention doesn’t mean she wants it. Maybe she’s just like you and she wanted that attention and when she got it she learned that it isn’t what she really wanted. Maybe she just wanted a friend. 

        Please don’t look in the mirror and dislike all that you were given. I know that you want to be like the others. But you are you and that’s all that matters. I am telling you this because I wish someone would have told me that it was okay to have flaws. Okay to be different. You see I used to stare at my own reflection and hate everything I seen. I went above and beyond to change what I seen. I took a bleach bath, I straightened my hair, I changed my identity. In the end all that did was leave me with more scars than I can count. It didn’t help and my problems were never solved. I’ve cried over so many things that I didn’t like about myself and about my life. What I learned from those tears is that I had to love myself and I had to know that yes I may not be a super model but believe me some models don’t even look how pictures portray them.

        I want you to understand that you are beautiful. Whether you see it or not sweet girl I see it. I see how when you smile you have dimples. I see that even though your teeth may not be straight you smile the hardest. I see your beauty both inside and out. Leave behind the people who don’t see your beauty or want to take away your shine. Don’t let them mask what makes you you. You are unique! You are just as beautiful as anyone else. 

       Please remember and carry with you, that not everything that glitters is gold. But when you truly love yourself that is when you shine the most. We were all made with beauty never doubt yours!


Be brave wild one! *All GIRLS ARE BEAUTIFUL*


This Little Girl

Hey wild ones, 

Today while out and about I seen the saddest thing ever (well to me at least). I saw this little girl have a complete meltdown over her hair not being an extensions or weave like her friends was. No to me this girl looked to be about 6 or 7. For me personally I think that is too young to put extensions or weave in. But it’s her mothers choice. Any way this little girl was in tears. It made me think about the many times I myself had had a meltdown over now having or looking like another girl well now women I had seen. I wanted so bad to go and hug this little girl and tell her it was okay. But I didn’t because that would have made me look creepy and I’m not a creepier. 

So although I couldn’t go and give that little girl a massive hug what I did decide to do was to write an open letter to all of the little girls who ever feel like they need to be or act like the other girls. I just wanted them to know that yes we’re all different and yes sometimes you want what someone else has but be true to who you are because you are unique and you are special and that’s all that really matters. 

Well that’s my little main though of the day please go check out and share my open letter to girls everywhere. 

*Be you wild one*


Marley Fox

Unexpected Texts 

Hey wild ones! 

So last night I got this mystery text from an unknown number. And I really had to question who in the hell had my number and how the hell did they get it. 

Soon enough the owner of the number said who they were and I was appalled 😳 to find out that it was some guy who I hadn’t heard from in months. And when I say months it is not an exaggeration. It had been forever. 

I even told my bestfriend about and she had to think about who the hell this dude was. Now this TRUE story only gets better. Here is where we discover why he texted. 

Was it sexual? Was it boredom? What was it? 

Well the answer to that question is (drum roll please) 

Because he ran into my sister and she questioned him about if we still talked. Were you surprised because I was.

Not only did I not care for the text, but I got pissed. The one thing I hate more than anything is when people try to pity me. I didn’t ask for your pity so don’t give it to me. And that’s exactly what that message was. Like don’t make me waste my energy looking at my phone if it’s an unwanted to texts. You see before this text I was happily sitting on the couch playing the sims 4. (My fave game!!!). So to mess that up with some stupid fucking text really worked my last nerve. Now add finding out that my sister was behind this unwanted communication made me doubly irratated. Yes I know sister mean well but the only thing I ask is for her to stay out of my relationship life and that seems to be the one thing she can’t do.

So that’s my little rant of the day. Feel free to tell me if you’ve ever gotten an unwanted text message!!

Stay true to you wild ones 


Marley ✌️️💖😐

Happy Birthday to a Forgetton Friend 

I woke up this morning and checked the date

It’s your birthday

Happy Birthday 

I guess
We haven’t talked in months

It feels like years

We used to be close

I used to call you everyday 

We used to text every hour

It stopped

We don’t speak
I think about you from time to time

I don’t think you think about me..
You met him

It changed you

You no longer needed me 

You had him

He became your best friend

He replaced me
I want to say I’m sad

I’m not

I found a new friend

She really is my best friend

She replaced you
You found love 

I found a real friendship

So neither of us seen this slipping away..
You had a kid

I wasn’t excited

We had nothing in common

You wanted to be a mom

I wanted to be 20

We grew distant

I didn’t make an effort

Neither did you
Today’s your birthday 

I won’t call

I won’t text

You won’t even get a Facebook post
I’ve done it before

It’s for nothing

We’re not friends

At least not anymore
This friendship has become forgotten

We’ve both moved on

Let’s not pretend to have what was lost

But at the bare minimum 

I said Happy Birthday in a Poem. 
Happy Birthday 

The Death of A Friendship 

The death of a friendship can be the most nerve racking thing that has ever happened. I mean what part of losing a friend isn’t sad. The saddest friendships to lose are the ones when you actually gave a shit and tried really hard to make it work. But I the end you both knew that it wouldn’t work out; there were too many other factors keeping you guys apart.
I’ve experienced the death of many friendships. The worst part is that when my first friendship ended way back when I thought that losing friends would never be that painful again.

And I was wrong!

Not only is each time sad and often painful; but the friendships that seemed to have lasted the longest are the ones that often scar you the most. 

I’ve lost many friends that I have considered to be my closets and the question that came to me every time was what did I do wrong? 

Did I not care enough?

Did I talk to them enough?

What could I have done differently?

But the honest truth is that there was nothing that I could have done differently. With each friendship my self and many people like me, we put ourselves out there and expect the other person to do the same. And sadly that isn’t always what happens. 

But I am lucky enough to say my friendships didn’t all end in some major tragic drama that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Nope, all of my mines slowly died on their own. It was as if we were in the ocean on two different rafts that began to slowly drift away from each other. And it happened so slow that neither one of us even knew that it was happening. Each of my friendships that perished had gotten to a point when I couldn’t even remember the last time I had text or even thought about them. To me it because the universes way of showing me that our friendship was supposed to a message and I received the message and now it was time to move on. 

I’m not saying that when a friendship dies you have to turn into a cold-hearted mega bitch. 

But what I am saying is that it’s okay to let friendships die. It’s natural and apart of life. Be happy for the moments you shared that were good. But don’t try to force something that just wasn’t meant to be. And it’s okay to say a casual hello or have a conversation when you see them. 

Deaths of a friendship don’t always have to be sad. 
~Be brave wild one~

Xoxo Marley ✌️️💖😊